I came to Inner Relationship Focusing, combining it with somatic and attachment informed work as an important part of a long professional and personal journey.  I am a licensed psychologist and have been in private practice for over 25 years. I have learned, and now teach, several traditions…among them Somatic Experiencing, Inner Relationship Focusing, Attachment Theory, and Relational Analysis.

Each tradition brings something so important:
Inner Relationship Focusing
Brings guidance to be with our inner life in a transformative way, and one that brings true healing in the form of compassionate relationship.
Adds the recognition that transformation of our challenging states happens at the level of the body.
Is the way we learn and experience our world and our relationships.

As a trauma therapist, healer and educator, I am very aware that a missing element, one that makes us vulnerable to a difficult experience becoming a traumatic event is lack of support.  We often assume this support must come from outside of us, but IRF shows us how important and often missing are the inner relationships and support that aid us to integrate and heal from events we live through, protecting us from long standing trauma, or helping us to heal from that which was overwhelming and traumatic.

IRF provides a clear road map to the development of inner relationships that become the basis of a reliable relationship to self; which ultimately informs our ability to form secure bonds with others. Our ability to be in healthy, compassionate relationship with ourselves informs how we move through the world.
By combining the practices of IRF with deep somatic awareness and knowledge of an attachment framework, we travel a deeply supported path that is truly transformational of our relationship to self, others and our world.